Special Committees and Task Forces - Active

Records Management Task Force (2022-2024)
This special committee is tasked with liaising with SCA’s committees and Board members in order to survey SCA’s active records, revise the existing records retention schedule for compliance with California non-profit law, and create a new records retention policy with the support of an outside consultant. The Task Force will recommend long-term storage solutions for the Society’s permanent records and assist the Board with communicating the new policy to SCA leadership.

General Email: recordsmanagement@calarchivists.org

Jessica Gambling, jgambling@lacma.org
Kelly Kress, kkress@huntington.org

Annual General Meeting (AGM) Review Task Force (2022-2023)
This special committee is tasked with examining the future of SCA’s Annual General Meeting and recommending changes to the current model in order to ensure the long-term sustainability of the meeting.

Tanya Hollis, thollis@sfsu.edu
Teresa Mora, tmora1@ucsc.edu

Strategic Planning Task Force, 2023-2025

This special committee is tasked with learning more about the needs and wants of membership by developing and distributing a comprehensive member survey that will be used to prioritize future directions for SCA. Since our founding in 1971, we have conducted similar surveys roughly every decade or so.


Leilani Marshall, lmarshall@sourisseauacademy.org

Alix Norton, abnorton@ucsc

Special Committees and Task Forces - Inactive

SCA Golden (50th) Anniversary Special Committee (2020-2022)

This special committee is tasked with creating, compiling, preparing, and disseminating content to membership and the general public alike in recognition of the SCA Golden (50th) Anniversary that will occur in 2021.

Gabriele Carey

Task Force on Labor Issues within the Profession (2019-2021)

Started in 2019, this special committee is tasked with reviewing labor issues within the archival profession. Specifically the Board is interested in gathering information on how labor issues might result in barriers to entry into the profession, opportunities for professional growth, and retention, and for the task force to suggest ways SCA can better advocate for its membership in this regard.  

Courtney Dean and George Thompson

Task Force on Professional Ethics and Inclusion (2017-2018)

Started in 2017, this special committee was tasked with reviewing the SCA’s need for a code of conduct and to review the society’s websites, programs, policies and statements regarding the need for more inclusive language. 

Chris Marino and Robin Chandler

Membership and Website Management Task Force (2016-2018)

Started in 2016, this special committee was tasked with reviewing SCA's needs regarding our website functionality, membership, and events management. The task force will evaluate software vendors who could meet those needs, including Wild Apricot, and then recommend the best options to the SCA Board.  

Laura O'Hara and Maggie Hughes

Western Archives Institute Joint Program Task Force (2014-2015)
The WAI Joint Program Task Force was appointed by the SCA President in August 2014. The charge of the Task Force was to examine the future of the Western Archives Institute and implement changes to ensure the long-term relevance and sustainability of the program.

Brooke Black and Teresa Mora

Strategic Planning Task Force (2011-2013)
Started in 2011, this special committee was tasked with learning and shaping SCA's future direction, which we do roughly every ten years.

Anne Hall and Chuck Wilson

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