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Advancing Equity: Continuing Education Funding

Description and Criteria

This funding promotes the diversification of the larger archival community through the support of continuing education. The award provides financial support to individual archivists of color for related training and continued educational opportunities*, or to organizations proposing educational events for archivists or archives volunteers centered on the records of communities of color. Community organizations in California, or SCA members in good standing and not enrolled in a degree-granting program, who have limited or no access to institutional funding for continuing education, may apply. Up to $1,000 may be awarded per event, with $2,000 allotted annually for this award.

Individual applicants must submit an application form, a resume or CV, a personal statement (250-500 words in length) describing how the workshop/class fits into their career path and why outside funding is required, and a letter of recommendation from someone familiar with the applicant's goals in the archival profession.

Organizations must submit an application form and a brief overview of the organization and the proposed educational event (250-500 words in length) describing how the event fits into their archival mission and why outside funding is required. Following the event, a brief article describing the program should be submitted by the organizers to the SCA Newsletter.

Applications will be accepted from people who self-identify as being from historically underrepresented groups and from organizations based in and primarily serving such communities. Those from Black/African, American Indian, Asian or Pacific Islander, Middle Eastern or North African, or Latinx descent are highly encouraged to apply.

*Qualifying "educational opportunities" are considered to be workshops, trainings, or classes, not general conference registrations or networking events. If a workshop is connected to a conference, funds may be sought to cover workshop registration, necessary additional hotel nights, and similar costs incurred to attend the workshop itself, but not the conference as a whole. Please contact the Awards Chair if clarification is needed.

Application Form -- Applications must be received at least 3 weeks (21 days) prior to events.

(Form ALERT: download and SAVE form before filling out, then fill out and submit via email. Do NOT fill out form in web browser. Problems? Please contact the Awards Chair. Since funding availability is dependent on the remaining balance in an annual budget, enquiries regarding current availability are encouraged.)

To contact the Awards Committee, please email the Committee Chair at awards@calarchivists.org

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