Career Achievement Award

Award Description and Criteria

The Career Achievement Award recognizes outstanding careers in California archives. Nominees must have contributed in significant ways to the profession, such as establishing archives, teaching, and/or writing in the archival field. Nominees should meet as many of the following criteria as possible: 

  • Creativity or innovation in approaching one's professional work
  • Development of archives, teaching, and/or writing in the archival field that has an impact on a community
  • Commitment to the advancement of the archival enterprise and/or professional knowledge through traditional or emerging methods of information sharing
  • Establishment or significant contribution to a professional archival program

Additionally, nominees must embrace the values of fostering a welcoming, diverse, and professional community, and approaching one’s work in a thoughtful and respectful manner, as advocated by the SCA Code of Conduct.

Nomination Form -- The nominating period for 2024 is now open. Please make your nominations before Monday, April 1, 2024.
(Form ALERT: download and SAVE form before filling out, then fill out and submit via email. Do NOT fill out form in web browser.)

Career Achievement Award recipients:

2023      Nancy Zimmelman Lenoil

2022      Brian Tingle

2021      Gabriele Carey

               Catherine Powell

2019      Jim Hofer

2017      Peter Blodgett

2016      Lynn Downey

2014      Chuck Wilson

2013      Larry Burgess

2011      Dave Smith (initial award)

To contact the Awards Committee, please email the Committee Chair at

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