Local Arrangements Committee

Manages all physical arrangements of the Annual General Meeting (hotel, event venues, catering, travel, etc).

General Description

The Local Arrangements Committee works in coordination with the Program Committee and is responsible for all physical arrangements of the Annual General Meeting (AGM).

Composition of the committee and terms of office are defined in Handbook section 3-1 and governed by the Bylaws.


General responsibilities are outlined in Handbook section 3-1.

  1. Maintains close ties and coordinates with the Program Committee.

  2. Serves as primary liaison with the conference hotel staff, arranging for meals, coordinating meeting room space, relaying audiovisual and room setup requirements, etc.

  3. Investigates carefully conference hotel add-on charges (i.e. taxes, services audiovisual equipment, and meeting rooms) so that these costs are fully taken into account in the AGM budget.

  4. Consults with Program Committee Chair and the Board about tours, special events, exhibits, or other meeting activities.

  5. Prepares text for the AGM program related to Local Arrangements details.

  6. Coordinates the creation and distribution of the AGM program (printed and electronic). The Committee shall sell advertising space (using the Newsletter fee structure, see Handbook 3-13-1-1) in the program to help defray expenses.

  7. Invites vendors, allied organizations, or local institutions to co-host the opening reception or refreshments during the meeting breaks. Note: SCA funds may never be used to purchase alcoholic beverages.

  8. Sells exhibit space to appropriate vendors and allied organizations.

  9. Develops and carries out publicity plan to promote the AGM.

  10. Creates and distributes registration materials to the membership at least thirty (30) days before the AGM. Responds to requests from individuals who have not renewed their membership for AGM registration by referring the individuals to the Membership Director.

  11. Distributes written notice of the annual Members Meeting at least thirty (30) days in advance of that meeting (Bylaws V.1.).

  12. Staffs the registration desk at the AGM and prepares related materials, including name badges, registration packets, local area information, etc.

  13. Creates, distributes, and collects evaluation forms at the AGM.

  14. Approves bills for payment and forwards them to the Treasurer. Note: Bills should not be sent directly to the Treasurer from the vendor.

  15. Communicates with the SCA Treasurer to make sure that Local Arrangements Committee AGM budget figures match the Treasurer's.

  16. Submits a final report to the Board no later than the Board's next quarterly meeting. This report should include commentary, budget and expenditures, suggestions, copies of promotional literature and publicity, analysis of information gleaned from evaluation forms, etc. Copies of this report should also be sent to the succeeding year's Local Arrangements Committee Chair and Program Chair.

  17. Reviews and makes recommendations for changes to the Local Arrangements section of the Handbook as needed.

  18. Chair sends letter of thanks to Local Arrangements Committee members and institutions or organizations when appropriate.

  19. Forwards non-current records to SCA archives at the time of the Committee's dissolution. This should include a copy of the Committee's report and a printed program.



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