Finance and Investment Committee

Manages SCA’s assets; advises the Board of SCA's financial outlook.

General Description

This standing committee advises the Board on matters pertaining to the management of the Society's assets in a financially responsible manner.

The current Treasurer serves as the Chair. The other members are the President and Vice President, the Western Archives Institute Administrator (as financial officer for WAI), the Development Committee Chair, and one SCA member-at-large appointed by the Finance and Investment Committee Chair. It is recommended that the member-at-large be a past treasurer. 


  1.  Seeks opportunities to grow those assets to create better value and greater benefit to our members in accordance with Handbook section 3-7-1 SCA Investment Policy Statement.

  2. Fosters long-term financial stability through careful and prudent investments.

  3. Advises on the fiscal impact of the organization's current programs, and those that are planned for the future.

  4. Advises and coordinates with the various committees, particularly the Development Committee, on matters of financial import.



Liz Phillips, University of California, Davis (SCA Treasurer)


Teresa Mora, University of California, Santa Cruz (SCA President)

David Uhlich, Archives and Special Collections, University of California, San Francisco (SCA Immediate Past President)

Kira Dres, California State Archives (WAI Administrator)

Judith A. Downie, California State University San Marcos (SCA Development Committee Co-Chair)

Kate Dundon, Special Collections & Archives, University of California, Santa Cruz (SCA Development Committee Co-Chair)

Leilani Marshall, Sourisseau Academy for State and Local History, San Jose State University (Member-at-Large and Past Treasurer/Chair of Finance & Investment Committee)

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