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Presenter Tips and Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some some tips for presenters to be aware of pre-AGM and on the day of their presentations. Some of the more frequently asked questions regarding presenting at this year's online AGM, which is hosted by Cvent, follow the Presenter Tips. 

A few pre-AGM reminders

  • Consider sharing copies of everyone’s presentations with each other in the event someone has connectivity or technical issues while presenting so that another of the panelists can cover their material if necessary.
  • Make sure you have the latest Zoom updates installed.
  • Review Moderator and Speaker training recordings: For links to these training session recordings, refer back to the email from Jannette Lannen on 4/12 or 4/13 for Moderator training; on 4/14 for Live-Stream Session Speaker training and on 4/15 for Collaborative Session Speaker training.

A few Day-of reminders

  • Make sure you check in to the Green Room at least 30 minutes prior to your session start for A/V support. The Green Room is just a Zoom meeting room where techs will be able to perform a tech check for each speaker. It will open at 8:00am every morning of the AGM.
  • The Speaker link to your session was provided in an earlier email. Please make sure you log-in to your session at least 15 and up to 30 minutes prior to the session start time to meet with the In-Session Support person and cover any last-minute questions or issues. The In-Session support person will already be in the session meeting to greet you and go over a final round of A/V and content checks.
  • If during your presentation you get a message regarding weak or unstable connectivity, turn off your camera while leaving your audio active, which might help stabilize your connection.
  • Live-stream Sessions: You will not be able to see or interact with Attendees/Participants in the Session as they will be watching through the Cvent Video Player on the attendee website (Virtual Attendee Hub). You will only see the other Speakers and A/V Tech (meeting host) in the Webinar.
  • Collaborative Sessions: Joining your session as presenter is much like any other Zoom Meeting.

Do presenters need to register for the AGM?

If you intend to attend sessions at the AGM beyond presenting at your own, you will need to register for the AGM. SCA is not providing speakers with complimentary registration.

Panelists who are presenting *only* (not attending the AGM and not moderating a session) will not need to register for the event. All speakers will get an invitation to join the session as a speaker, and will not need to have an account on the Cvent platform to present.

Will there be Cvent technical support on hand? For potential scenarios including: any technical issues, audio support, or other potential web-conferencing issues?

Yes, either a Cvent-er or SCA member will be assigned to each session as In-Session Support. They will help brief the speakers, conduct a tech-check, tell you when the session is live, record the session, and conclude the recordings.

What’s the difference between a “Moderator” and a “Host”?

A “moderator” is in charge of the Q&A. If the session is Live-Stream, they will access this via the Attendee Hub, but if the session is Collaborative then the Q&A would appear in the Zoom chat.

A “host” is a panelist who is in charge of the session and will help host the actual zoom room. The Host will begin the session for Live-Stream sessions, change and enable settings, be in charge of waiting and break-out rooms, share screens, mute participants, and record sessions.

If something happens and there is a glitch with the playing of the “pre-recorded session,” what happens to the session? Is there the ability for the moderator to switch to another person on the panel to take over “playing” the recording on their end?

Yes. We can assign multiple speakers to have access to share their screen and play any pre-recorded videos. However, it’s best that you test share your video by playing the video and recording yourself in Zoom. When you watch the playback you will see if the video is delayed. For the best streaming scenario please ensure the video is downloaded to your device and not played from a website. We also ask that your team provide a “Technical Difficulties” slide so that something can be displayed while we work on re-configuring the session and figuring out who will share next.

How will Cvent anticipate (or take precautions against) any Zoom bombing type scenarios?

Our Zoom passwords are embedded in our links. They are locked and protected from any zoom bombers

Is it possible to have some of our panelists pre-record their presentations while others will be presenting live?

Yes, this should be fine. What will need to happen is that someone will need to share those pre-recorded videos from their computer with the session attendees. You can have one person be in charge of all the videos or have each panelist responsible for their own screen-share if they'll be attending the session. You will all be invited to the session as "speakers" and will all be able to address the session attendees. When the pre-recorded content is finished, drop the shared screen for live Q&A.

Our session will be structured with presentations and will include break-out rooms and a Q&A at the end of the presentation. Will the Cvent In-Session support person manage those aspects, or will the panelists need to be prepared to do that?

The In-Session support person (also the “host”) will create and manage the break-out rooms as well as adjust any settings necessary during the session. Screen-sharing during presentations will need to be done by the panelists themselves since Cvent does not control that function. The Q&A portion of the session will be handled by the Moderator, who will be a panelist or another SCA support person.

Is it possible to have more than one person designated as “Moderator” for a session?

Yes. There can be as many Moderators as you would like.

We would like to conduct a poll during our session. Is that supported in the Live-Stream session format?

Yes, polling is available in the Live-Stream format. It is *not* available in the Collaborative Session format.

Does the “live-stream” version support telephone calls?

It does not.

Will we be able to easily switch who is sharing their screen among us presenters?

Yes. We will assign all of the presenters as co-hosts and when it is their time to present they can share their screen.

If we go with a pre-recorded session for our presentation, would it be possible for us to record two video files separately, or would we need to collaborate on one video file, since we're in the same session?

We would need one video in an MP4 file in order to upload it for the session.

Do all panelists need to complete the training or only the moderator if we choose the pre-recorded option?

Yes, all speakers should be a part of the speaker training and moderators would just need to join the moderator training.

How can we know if our internet connectivity will be sufficient for our presentations?

All speakers will need to join a Green Room at least five minutes before each session begins and get a tech check and make sure that everything has been downloaded on personal devices. This is especially important if you’ll be screen-sharing during your session. In addition, you can open Google Chome and search “Internet Speed Test” and will be prompted to run a speed test. There, you can ensure your speed is at least at 10 mbps up and down.

If you have any questions about the AGM, please don't hesitate to send an email to Leilani Marshall, the AGM 2021 Program Chair, at lmarshall@sourisseauacademy.org

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