Site Selection Committee

Locates and recommends to the Board options for hotel sites for the Annual General Meeting in the city or area designated by the Board, according to prescribed criteria.

General Description

The Site Selection Committee recommends options to the Board for hotel sites for the Annual General Meeting. The cycle of selection should begin two years prior to an AGM. The AGM typically rotates between locations in Northern and Southern California, with each locale hosting the AGM every other year.

Composition of the committee and terms of office are defined in Handbook section 3-1 and governed by the Bylaws. The President appoints two co-chairs for this Committee: one from Northern California and one from Southern California.


General responsibilities are outlined in Handbook section 3-1. 
  1. Selects a representative sampling of two to four hotels in the location designated by the Board. Possible hotels can be ascertained by contacting the city’s Convention and Visitor’s Bureau or be suggested by Board or other SCA members. 

  2. Visits each potential site. Board or other SCA members may be invited to visit sites with the Chairs. 

  3. Evaluates each potential site according to the AGM Site Selection Checklist (see relevant Handbook section). 

  4. Prepares a comprehensive report on each site for the Board. Includes evaluations of all the criteria in the Checklist as well as brochures or other materials provided by the sites. Presents the report to the Board no later than the Fall meeting a year and a half prior to the AGM (i.e. Fall 2009 for the 2011 AGM; Fall 2010 for the 2012 AGM, etc.). The Board will be requested to approve a specific hotel. 

  5. Informs the hotel of the selection and turns over finalizing and signing of the meeting contract to the SCA President. The Chair will contact the Local Arrangements Committee and inform members of the hotel contacts, and any pertinent information. The hotel will be informed of the Local Arrangements Committee contacts. The selected city and hotel site shall be announced.



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