2023 Election

Welcome to the 2023 SCA election! We have five offices to fill from our slate of candidates listed below. Each candidate has provided a brief bio, statement, and responded to a specific question related to the office for which they are running. Below is a brief description of each position on the ballot this year.

Roles & Responsibilities:

Vice-President/President Elect
The elected candidate serves the first year as the Vice-president and as the program chair for the Society's annual general meeting, and assists or substitutes as the President, as needed. The Vice-president is President-elect, and automatically becomes President on the expiration of the President's term. This is a three-year commitment.

The Secretary is the chief recorder and keeper of the records of the SCA Board of Directors and handles the official correspondence of the Society. The Secretary maintains the SCA Handbook throughout the duration of their term on the Board of Directors. They are responsible for sending records under their purview to the SCA Archives at the end of each year of their term. This is a two-year commitment.

The Director-at-Large attends quarterly meetings of the Board of Directors, serves as a liaison to the WAI Joint Management Committee, and actively participates in the work of the Society and its committees. Additional duties and responsibilities may be assigned by the President. This is a two-year commitment.

Membership Director

The Membership Director solicits new members, renews existing memberships, manages the current interests and concerns of the membership, and encourages participation in SCA activities and programs.  This is a two-year commitment.

Nominating Committee
The Nominating Committee solicits candidates for the SCA Board of Directors and prepares a slate of candidates for offices falling vacant within a given year. The three member committee is chaired by the Immediate Past President. This is a two-year commitment.

Eligibility and Voting Guidelines

All members in good standing before February 7, 2023 will be eligible to vote. Members who join or renew while the election is open (February 7 and March 17), will be sent a personalized link to participate in the election. See the SCA website for membership information.

Contact the chair of the Election Committee, Marlayna Christensen (mkchristensen@ucsd.edu) with any questions.


-Vice President Elect-

Due to the lack of candidates for the Vice-President/President-Elect position before the election opened, the election will move forward with write-in votes! If a Vice-President has not been selected before the Annual General Meeting, the Executive Board will follow the procedure provided in the bylaws for this situation.


Joanna Black
Joanna Black

-Director At Large-

Stef BaldiviaEmily Vigor
Stef Baldivia     Emily Vigor

-Membership Director-

Marie Silva

Marie Silva

-Nominating Committee-

Hanna AhnHilary Swett

Hanna Ahn     Hilary Swett


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